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Ready to Hire A Telemarketer?

There are many things to consider when hiring a
telemarketer. USA Outsource Today works with every client to
match them with the best telemarketer based on skillsets and
other factors to ensure overall success of the campaign.

Our telemarketers are trained as virtual assistants in an
office setting and can provide a combination of
services for the same low hourly rate!

This equates to significant cost savings for the
client, increased production and allows you, the
client to focus on important business matters.

Please select from the choices below so we can
match you with your telemarketer:

(Billed at a minimal of 40 hours per week per agent)

(Minimum 1 week purchase per agent)






Billing Information

Rates start at $5 per hour per agent*, minimum of 40 consecutive hours. All outbound services require pre-payment before any service can begin.

Rates are inclusive of the dialer, reporting, unlimited outbound calling, email handling, research, data entry and other related tasks. Assigned agents can also accept inbound calls.
Rates are $10 per month per inbound or DID line, minimal 3 month service.**

Calling periods are from 9am - 5pm ET, Mondays-Fridays

*In some campaigns clients pay an agreed success fee based on the services provide. Typical success fees range from $5 – $20, depending on the service provided, complexity and other factors.
We only bill for quality leads and our clients pre-approve leads before they are billed. Ask an account manager for more information on success fee campaigns.

**Please note: We cannot guarantee phone numbers requested within a given area. We will assist all clients with configuring call forwarding features at no additional cost. You may provide your own dialer at no additional cost.
Any outbound phone lines established for a client are for the sole purpose of B2B calls only. No B2C calls can be placed on ordered lines with or without DID displays. USA Outsource Today complies with all laws regarding the DNC registry.

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