By knowing the right businesses to target with the right offer and of course at the right time can increase your chances of a successful B2B campaign. When considering a company to build a targeted B2B list you should ask yourself many questions, such as:

1. What type of prospects to we want to target?

Probably the most important question. For instance, if your business is based in New York and you only conduct business within the state and New England areas be sure to mention this. Last thing you want is to spend money on a list that includes territories outside of the geographical areas you want to target. You should consider other factors, such as a department or title of a business professional you want to target. Other factors may include: Sales volume, amount of employees, industry type, expenses, amount of computers, etc, the list goes on and on. When choosing USA Outsource Today, you can be assured the data will be targeted to meet your specifications, guaranteed.

2. Go with what works.

If you have had success with a certain industry or certain title, geographical area, etc, then you can specify where your search should center. No one knows your business better than you and by providing this information can greatly help in your marketing efforts.

3. Implementing different strategies.

In addition to building a targeted B2B prospect list you should consider other factors, such as email mining. This service works along with building a targeted prospect list by providing “identities” of business professionals. In addition to data services, USA Outsource Today also offers cost effective lead generation services such as telemarketing and email marketing to work with your new targeted B2B prospect lists. When one department is finished building your list it is then shared with different internal departments for marketing.

4. Quality of data.

This is key to ensure your money is well spent. Some questions you should consider when selecting a company to build a prospect list for you:
Is the data recycled from a previous campaign?
How is the data verified?
What if the data is incorrect?
What else should I know?

And these are great questions to ask. USA Outsource Today does not recycle data. All data lists are made to order and are all unique to our clients’ needs. All data is verified and updated every 30 days to ensure accuracy. This is done through processes called phone verification. Our facility in conjunction with several other facilities make several million calls annually to ensure all data is up to date and accurate. We guarantee our data to be accurate, and if there is ever an issue then we replace the data for our clients. Other things we do on our end to ensure accuracy is to use email verification services. We also collect data from our own databases and several other sources with the most up – to – date information available.

Ready to purchase?

There are several companies that sell data. The best thing to do is window shop around for the types of services you need, the quality of the data and of course a price range that’s within your budget. USA Outsource Today looks to make long term commitments with our clients by offering some of the lowest pricing in the industry backed by a quality assurance policy for all services offered. To find companies offering prospect list services, you may google phrases like: “B2B prospect lists, B2B Sales Leads, B2B mailing lists, B2B Sales lists, B2B leads”, along with many others.